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Trailblazer Camp For New Scouts

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Trailblazer Camp is a provisional Trail to First Class camping experience for Scouts BSA youth up to 13 years old.

All Scouts will be sleeping in tents and will need to bring their own.

Family members are invited to attend a BBQ lunch on the final day. Fees for this meal will be collected at camp.

Trailblazer session is a shorter summer camp with an emphasis for completing requirements along the trail to 1st Class.

Scouts will enjoy programs feature such as aquatics, climbing, shooting sports, and games.
Opportunity to provide service to the camp.
Work alongside other Scouts who are at the same level.
Complete a couple of merit badges of their choosing.
Combat nervousness and conquer homesickness.
Opportunity to be led by a team of their peers.
Familiarity for those who recently attended Cub Scout resident camp.
Trailblazer is a great compliment to your unitís summer camp plans or a great substitute.

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